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Inventory Charts for MV Chromebook Carts


Click the image below to go to the Drive folder that contains all inventory sheets for MV Chromebook carts.


How to Fill Out a Technical Helpdesk Ticket

Note!  This is a TWO PAGE DOCUMENT

How to Reset a Chromebook


Chromebook Expectations


Interactive Panel Help


Book Your Class on the Media Center Calendar


Planning to use the lab space?!?

The technology department mandates that you must fill out a lab seating chart for each of your classes.  
It is critical for lab maintenance to have a record of the students using each computer. Before scheduling time in a lab, you must complete your online seating charts. The seating chart will then be available for the entire year. 

Here's how to open, fill out and submit a seating chart:

1.  Access the Lab Seating Charts folder in the Google Staff Shared

2.  Make a copy



5. ​Once you have one filled out for each class period and saved, please be sure to seat the students accordingly when you bring them.

Fun and  Creative Technology Tools for the Classroom


Click on the image below to go to this Google Doc

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Teaching Poetry


The following books are available to borrow. 

Outspoken by Sara Holbrook and Micheal Salinger (These are the poets who will come and do the workshops with students if we get funding!)

Practical Poetry by Sara Holbrook

Wham!  It's a Poetry Jam by Sara Holbrook

Lesson Plans

The links below will take you to sites for ideas for teaching poetry, if you choose  not to use Sara Holbrooks methods in the book above.

Performance Poetry

The link below can be used to show your students some examples of what Slam Poetry looks and sounds like.  We will not have a "slam", since our students will not be competing.  Our students will simply be offering their poems in a Poetry Jam.

Teachers: you will want to preview any of these before you show them to your students!

How to provide access to your students


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