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6th Grade Resources //    Immigrant Hall of Fame

Immigrant Hall of Fame

For this project, you will choose an immigrant to research in order to explain what drives them to respond, take action, or make a decision in an uncertain, challenging situation and how their actions helped a community. For this project you will use the following resources: 

Project Resources: Books

Choose one of the ebooks below to explore. 

Username: mvms  Password:  read

immigrants who led.png
immigrants who took a stand.png
immigrants who served.png
immigrants who built.png

Project Resources: Online Encyclopedias

Click on each of the buttons below and search the database for your person.  Note: not everyone will find an article on their person

factcite rectangle.png

Username: village

Password:  search

Username: mcps

Password:  search


Project Resource: Book Creator

You will write and publish your own ebooks about the person you are researching!

book creator square.webp
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